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Infrastructure upgrading and development of terminals and supporting facilities in the port of Slavonski Brod

Construction and improvement of infrastructure in the port of Slavonski Brod

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Aerial video — 01.10.2020. 12:20:00

Project summary

The project envisages the construction of the vertical coast and two piers for transshipment and manipulation of bulk cargo (berth No. 4 and No. 5), with a handling and logistics area and related infrastructure.

The project includes the construction of the Ro-La terminal (eng. Rolling Highway; ger. Rollende Landstrasse) for transshipment of trucks to low-speed wagons which are then further transported by rail to the required destination that has a parking space for reception/shipping of trucks, construction of a container terminal for loading/unloading container cargo by using a gantry with a port weigh house, upgrade of the road network, installation of a network of fire hydrants as fire protection for the operational part of the port and installation of an electrical conduit with outdoor lighting for electrical power supply.

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