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Construction of the Apševci and Lipovac bypass - Rehabilitation of the blackspot on the D57 state road

Construction of the Apševci and Lipovac bypass

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Project description

The project envisages the construction of a 4.2 km long road in the Nijemci municipality, bypassing the section of the state road running through the settlements of Apševci and Lipovac, identified as a blackspot.

The route starts near the Apševci junction, extends to the southeast, bypassing the settlement of Apševci on the east side, continues south through the forest “Ugljara” and crosses the river Bosut via a bridge spanning 147.70 m. At the Lipovac junction, it intersects with the local road LC 46052 and bypasses the settlement of Lipovac, ending by merging into the road crossing “Lipovac”.

Project goal

The construction of the planned bypass circumvents the section where the blackspot was identified, increasing safety. Also, the road links up with the Lipovac junction on the A3 motorway (part of the core TEN-T network), which improves the connection of secondary and tertiary nodes to the TEN-T network.