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Construction of the ferry port Tkon - Phase I, Subphase II

Tkon – Upgrading the existing port on the island of Pasman

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Project summary

The project envisages an upgrade of the existing ferry port of county importance in Tkon (Island of Pašman), improvement of a year-round transport service and positive impact on employment, educational opportunities and delivery of other services to island communities. Project activities include the construction of a boarding area, a ferry dock with vehicle embarkation / disembarkation capacity as well as construction of a culvert below the waterline to circulate water between the inner and outer basin, embarkation waiting area and parking surfaces.

The new Ro-Ro platform will comprise three traffic lanes for vehicles waiting to embark, a single lane for emergency vehicles (fire trucks, police, ambulances) and a single disembarkation lane. A bus stop will be built in a suitable location next to the ferry ramps. The completion of the planned project activities will increase the capacity, quality and safety of regular transport on the state ferry line Tkon – Biograd.

The main objective of this project is to improve the organization of maritime transport services throughout the year, ensure the availability of daily activities for the island population, and reduce waiting and congestion during peak hours, which will ultimately contribute to reducing the load on existing port facilities. Transport connectivity of the island is a prerequisite for economic and social development of the island. The owner, as well as the infrastructure manager, is the Zadar County Port Authority. The project will upgrade the existing port of county importance in Tkon (island of Pašman), which will have a positive impact on the availability of employment, education and other services to island communities. The technical solution of the project ensures that all safety and protection criteria are met. These include the appropriate number, type and quality of berths, sea depth, required area and quality of anchorages, maneuvering space, passenger and cargo capacity, and capacity for waste and cargo residues from the vessel. These criteria are completely in accordance with the regulation on the conditions that ports must meet in order to enable safe navigation and the ordinance on the criteria for determining the purpose of a particular part of the port open to public traffic of county and local importance.

The project refers to stage II. and III. of subphase II, which is related to construction works consisting of: construction cost estimate – 2nd subphase, construction cost estimate – 3rd subphase, landscaping, water supply, storm sewer. After completing the works in II. and III. Stages of Subphase II, the following will be built: loading and unloading area, boarding station, plateau of the pier that allows loading and unloading of vehicles, underwater culvert for sea circulation between the outer and inner waters and plateau of boarding and parking.

Objective of the project

The objective of the project is to upgrade the existing port of county importance in the town of Tkon, which will improve the transport service throughout the year and provide the island’s population with a prerequisite for economic and social development.

Upgrading the port of county importance in Tkon in order to improve transport services throughout the year, regardless of the pressure of tourism, will favorably affect the availability of employment, education and other services to island communities, improve the integration of Croatian islands into the wider transport network and overcome key obstacles for the local economic growth.

With the project, social benefits which contribute to a positive impact on depopulation and emigration, economic development and job market, financial position and living standard of local population will be accomplished. Moreover, the project has a positive impact on the environment of islands Tkon and Pašman.

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