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Port of Rijeka multimodal platform development and interconnection to Adriatic Gate container terminal

Adriatic Gate Container Terminal – Port of Rijeka Authority

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The project envisages the construction of a new, intermodal container terminal at the Adriatic Gate terminal located at Brajdica, in the area of the Sušak port basin.

The Sušak basin is currently used for receiving and handling conventional general cargo, timber and cargo. The project activities include the construction of 4 railway tracks on the new terminal and the construction of a new shunting area between the 4 tracks and the existing tunnel which connects the intermodal terminal with the Rijeka-Brajdica railway station, the extension of 4 out of the existing 8 railway tracks at the Rijeka-Brajdica railway station and the reconstruction of the remaining 4 tracks, construction of a new shunting area between the 4 tracks and the connecting tunnel, construction of 2 service buildings for accommodating signalling, safety and telecommunication devices, widening of the existing tunnel and construction of a new, 382 m long track in the tunnel, and related works (water supply, drainage, electrical installation, equipping the track with signalling, safety and telecommunication devices, reconstruction of the contact grid etc.)

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