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Preparation for construction of second track, upgrade and modernisation on railway line section Škrljevo-Rijeka-Jurdani

Modernisation and upgrade on the railway line section Škrljevo-Rijeka-Jurdani

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The project envisages the design of the project documentation for the construction of the second track, the upgrade and modernization on the 27,5 km long railway line section Škrljevo – Rijeka – Jurdani. It also includes the reconstruction of the station Šapjane and the stop Permani, as well as the reconstruction of the signalling and interlocking equipment on the Jurdani – Šapjane section.

The preparation of the technical documentation is a requirement to start with the works of modernization and renewal of the mentioned section and elimination of the bottleneck in the Rijeka urban area. This project is part of a comprehensive reconstruction project on the Rijeka – Zagreb – Hungarian border railway. The project activities include the preparation of a Feasibility Study which contains the economic and financial analyses, development of the Environmental Impact Assessment, preparation of the Preliminary and Final design as well as the other documentation required to obtain location and building permits.