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Preparing FAIRway 2 works in the Rhine-Danube Corridor

Preparing FAIRway 2 works in the Rhine-Danube Corridor

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Project description

The Global Project includes two twinned Actions. Both Actions will be carried out following-up the results of the CEF funded Actions FAIRway Danube and will aim at accelerating the future works along the Danube and the Sava. 3 partners from 3 countries (Austria, Croatia and Serbia) participate in the implementation of the project.

Project goal

Overall, the Actions will aim to deliver the following results:

  • An inventory of navigational and environmental characteristics of the Croatian/Serbian common section of the Danube. The data collected through these surveys will be used for navigation purposes and as well as to support the environmental authorities in the definition of the conservation objectives for the River Basin Management Plans in Croatia.
  • Delivery of a study including the results of the 1D hydraulic modelling for the entire Croatian and Serbian Danube common section.
  • Delivery of the terms of references for the functional upgrades of the transnational waterway monitoring system (WAMOS 2.0).
  • Definition of a concept for the stakeholders’ cooperation and coordination along the Austrian, Croatian and Serbian sections of the Danube.
  • Delivery of a study for Austria, Croatia and Serbia to assess the needs to upgrade/construct mooring places along the sections of the Danube and the Sava.