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Reconstruction of Primorska Street – 1st phase

Reconstruction of Primorska Street in Novalja

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Project description

The project involves the reconstruction of Primorska Street, which is the access road to the port open to public traffic, the Port of Novalja-South.

Also, 157 parking spaces south of Braće Radića Street will be removed, from the existing petrol station to the end of Kneza Domagoja Coast. The share of parking spaces is replaced with new spaces, 139 in total, planned alongside the petrol station and in another car park running parallel to Primorska Street from Kneza Branimira Street to Punta Mira Street. The number of spaces is reduced because, as the carriageway is undergoing expansion and conversion to two-way traffic, it will enter the space of the current car park. The roadside equipment, among other things, includes the installation of solar benches and solar bus shelters, and the addition of special purpose surfaces, executed as horizontal signaling, that facilitate disabled access.

Project goal

The project will resolve gridlock, compromised traffic safety and congestion of the access road in the town of Novalja, island of Pag, which is important for economic development and quality of life on the island. The aim of the project is to improve the road infrastructure in the port open to public traffic, providing local residents with better access to employment, education and other services throughout the year.

A reduction of traffic congestion, introduction of additional public transport lines and improvement of existing road, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure will increase the level of safety for all road users. Redrawing the parking layout and introducing new parking spaces reduces traffic congestion in the centre of town.