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Peljesac Bridge, barring minor fixes, green-lit at technical inspection

The technical inspection of Peljesac Bridge was conducted several days ago, certifying the usability and safety of the bridge. Only minor deficiencies were determined, requiring the replacement of a small portion of the road equipment, and only a short amount of time is needed to make the adjustments.

The operating permit for Peljesac Bridge will be issued upon completion of the access roads, considering the access roads and the bridge itself represent a functional unit according to the location permit.

The technical inspection reviewed all the required construction documentation, evidence for the quality of the materials used, along with the presentation of proof of usability and a template of the functional tests required to use the bridge.

The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure decided to embark on the journey of building the bridge in the summer of 2018, and intends to reach the destination in June this year, with the completion of the access roads.

The Funding Decision for the project “Road connection to south Dalmatia” which includes, inter alia, the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, was made in February 2017.

In April of 2018, following the tendering process, the Peljesac Bridge construction contract was awarded to the China Road and Bridge Corporation. The final leg of the long journey the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure travelled in building the bridge, consisted of mounting the last steel structure segment, bridging the gap between Komarna and Brijesta in the length of 2,4 km.

The Peljesac Bridge is the first out of four phases of the Road connection to south Dalmatia project, worth €526 million. It is also the largest EU-funded project Croatia has implemented, having received a €357 EU grant, which covers 85% of the eligible costs.