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Pavement structure assembly on Pelješac Bridge has begun


Pelješac Bridge

The project called "Road connection to south Dalmatia", includes the construction of the Pelješac Bridge, with access roads and the construction of the Ston bypass. Works are progressing according to the schedule. The total length of the project route is 32 kilometres, from Duboka to Doli, bypassing Neum corridor.

The coronavirus pandemic has not significantly hindered the work on the construction site, where workers are required to pass a mandatory body temperature measurement upon entry, in addition to wearing masks and gloves.

Recently, at the construction site of the bridge, workers have placed the first elements of the pavement structure, 10 meters long and 25 meters wide, on 55-meter-high pillars.

In China, the construction of 47 steel blocks, weighing 200 tons each, is underway, and they are expected to arrive in the Port of Ploče by the end of the summer. Works are also underway on the access roads to Pelješac Bridge. On the mainland, the construction of the Duboka junction is in progress, while on the Pelješac side, works are underway on the Debeli Brijeg tunnel, which is 2467 meters long.

The contractors have committed to building Pelješac Bridge in three years from the date of commissioning, meaning the end of July 2021. According to the tender documentation, the construction of the two sections of access roads will take 33 months and 28 months, respectively, while the reference deadline for completion of works including all four phases of the project is 31 January 2022.