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20 new Mercedes-Benz Citaro articulated buses in the hands of ZET drivers

Zagreb operator ZET Ltd. received a delivery of 20 new articulated Euro 6 standard buses last week. This is the final vehicle delivery for the largest bus procurement project in Croatia, co-financed by the European Union.

The large public transport fleet renewal project is worth 24 million euros, and has been in implementation from June 2021. ZET needed 65 buses, in three different configurations, for a quality and sustainable public transport service on 80 lines in the City of Zagreb. Articulated buses were the last to arrive. The delivery of 20 classic low-floor buses took place in October 2022, and the delivery of 25 classic semi-low-floor buses a month later.

The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure secured EU backing of €16.29 million in grants to finance the project. The support was made possible by including the project in the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020. The programme has €150 million from the Cohesion Fund available for projects that contribute to increasing the number of passengers in public transport.

Procurement of 65 buses for ZET represents a step forward compared to the previous procurement projects of 15 and 29 Euro 6 standard buses. Earlier procurements on a smaller scale were successfully carried out with the support of €10.18 million from the same programme. Continuous investments in the replacement of worn-out rolling stock are necessary to improve the public transport service, reduce harmful CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

Twenty new Mercedes buses should depart the garages in Dubrava and Podsused and hit the streets of Zagreb in March.