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Port Authority Šibenik concludes €7.5 million passenger terminal construction contract

In the Interpretation Center 'Civitas sacra' of St. Jacob's Cathedral, a construction contract was signed today for the works on the project "Extension of the Vrulje pier comprising the maritime-passenger terminal in the port of Šibenik (phase III)". The contract was signed by the director of the Šibenik Port Authority Paško Dželalija and the director of the company "Minigradnja" Antonio Perica. The total value of the contract is €7.45 million (including VAT).

The object of the contract is the construction of a passenger terminal building in the Port of Šibenik, paving of traffic surfaces and installation of utilities. The building with the trapezoid floor plan, length of sides 65,68 m and 36,64 m x 52,95 m will consist of two closed chambers under one roof. The central space will be taken up by the atrium. The time allotted for construction is 22 months.

The two-part building concept serves to separate domestic ferry traffic from international traffic, subject to customs and border control. The Harbour masters´ office, custom house, police and Port Authority will be housed in the part of the building dedicated to international maritime traffic. The part dedicated to domestic travel will be filled with ticket booths, waiting rooms and shops.

The contract signing ceremony was the centrepiece of the initial conference for the project “Extension of the Vrulje pier”. The conference was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković, Šibenik-Knin County prefect Marko Jelić and Šibenik mayor Željko Burić.

Šibenik is a city that continues to develop

Oleg Butković’s Ministry is engaged in a large number of projects in the Šibenik area. “Few cities in Croatia nowadays has made such progress and continue to develop. Our Ministry has taken part in many projects in the city. There is the Vrnaže project as a true and unique example of a port with communal berths, then there’s Poljana and the underground garage. Those projects have transformed the city, and so will this one.“, emphasised the Deputy Prime Minister, adding that about €7 million have been invested in maritime projects in Šibenik-Knin County in the last four years.

The building of the terminal for domestic and international maritime traffic with the paving and installation of utilities constitutes the final, third phase of the project to modernise the infrastructure in the port of Šibenik. The first and second phases were completed with the construction of berths for international and domestic maritime traffic. The value of the third phase is €8.25 million, and it is co-financed with €3.65 million from the Cohesion Fund.

The maritime passenger terminal will provide passengers with a number of benefits. In addition to protection from the weather, there is space for storing luggage and buying tickets, refreshments, use of sanitary facilities, obtaining travel information and others.