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A new breakwater gleams white on the Cres waterfront

Construction works on the new western breakwater in the port of Cres worth €5.2 million have been completed. The new breakwater will enable the mooring of large passenger liners and a secure connection to the islands of the Cres archipelago.

With the installation of dock fenders, the contractor has completed construction of the new western breakwater in the port of Cres and the reconstruction of 280 m of shoreline. The six-meter wide, 185 m long breakwater bends from Cape Grotica to the shore end of the pier. The works were performed by a consortium consisting of Belgrade-based Aqua Mont Service and their subsidiary located in Split.

The construction part of the project included the construction of a breakwater lying on a double row of piles and the extension of the coastal promenade seaward, as well as the paving of the breakwater and the shoreline. The shoreline is furnished with electrical enclosures, a beacon, mooring bollards, lighting and a passenger waiting shelter. The stone benches adorned with sea motifs are the work of the academy-trained painter Nikola Nenadić. The works will be followed by a technical inspection and the issuance of a use permit.

EU funds have opened up new development opportunities

The project of constructing and equipping the breakwater will have a great impact on Cres.

Its primary function is actually to connect the mainland and the islands, i.e. the high-speed line, to provide conditions for easier mooring of catamarans. The construction of this breakwater protects the entire port from the south, which was the principal problem that actually needed to be solved by this construction.” – commented the Port Authority of Cres Management Board President Marin Gregorović.

The new port infrastructure expands the list of benefits that Cres offers, which already include a yacht refit and repair shipyard, and an ACI Marina. The inside of the breakwater, where the vessels are kept safe during a storm, is intended for communal berths. Larger liners and yachtsmen can be moored on the outside bank. The waters protected by the breakwater allow the anchoring of pontoons, and new berths will be provided along the waterfront as well. The quality and variety of services on offer will allow Cres to compete with the finest destinations in the Adriatic.

In addition, the project alters the panorama of the port of Cres. The coastal promenade has been extended seaward by up to 11 meters in places, leading to the creation of a new square in front of the Plavica café and the Santa Lucia restaurant.

The project ‘Reconstruction and extension of the western part of the port of Cres’ is worth more than €5.2 million. Following a successful application to the Call for the improvement of port infrastructure used for island connectivity, it received a €3.9 million grant from the Cohesion Fund. It is implemented as part of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.”