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Minister Butković visits construction site of state road connecting port of Rijeka to the hinterland

The agenda for the meeting between Minister Oleg Butković and Rijeka Mayor Marko Filipović contained the most important transport infrastructure projects in the area of the City of Rijeka. The Minister used the meeting in Rijeka to visit the construction site for state road DC403, one of the most important, high-value projects in the portfolio of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković met on Monday with the Mayor of the City of Rijeka Marko Filipović. They discussed the realization of transport infrastructure projects in Rijeka and the surrounding area. During his stay in the Kvarner region, Butković paid a visit to the construction site of state road DC403 from Škurinje junction to the port of Rijeka.

The objective of this project, crucial for the Primorje-Gorski kotar County, is the construction of a new 3,5 km section of road connected to the existing urban network. The new road establishes a direct link between Škurinje junction on the Rijeka bypass and the newly constructed Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal in the western part of the port. As part of the construction of the state road DC403, the viaducts Piopi and Mlaka will be constructed, as well as the three-lane tunnel Podmurvice, 1,3 km long.

Mayor Filipović addressed the media after the meeting. “A whole series of major transport projects is in implementation in the City of Rijeka, many of which will be completed in the term ahead. They are projects set to change the appearance of Rijeka and put her where she belongs, at the origin of the Mediterranean Transport Corridor, recognized by the European Union, and the Government of Croatia has secured the funds for their implementation.“, he stated, thereby stressing the long standing and fruitful cooperation between the City of Rijeka and the Croatian Government. He singled out the component of transport connectivity and the decisive role of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

Minister Butković referred to the pace of construction and expressed satisfaction with the progress he observed. “The project is going well, 800 metres of the tunnel has already been excavated, we expect that by February, March last year at the latest, the tunnel will be broken through and I believe the project will, as announced, be completed in the summer of 2023.“, the Minister said.

Focus on the success of the Port of Rijeka

Apart from the construction of state road DC403, the subject of the meeting were some of the projects run by Port Authority Rijeka, and financed from the Connecting Europe Facility, such as the construction works on container terminals Brajdica and Zagreb.

The project D403 – state road from Škurinje interchange to Port of Rijeka has obtained support from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of €58.9 million. The project tops the list of transport priorities for the City of Rijeka since it also represents the cornerstone for multi-modal connectivity of the Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal – a first-rate development project to increase the business prospects of the Port of Rijeka.