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Construction of western part of Port of Cres carries on without delay


Cres Port

The coronavirus pandemic has not obstructed the reconstruction and upgrade of the western part of the Port of Cres, which is currently at 50 percent completion and progressing. The works are being conducted with the application of the full scope of coronavirus infection prevention measures.

During the six-month period, since workers stepped on the site, more than half of the planned work is completed, with onsite activities in full swing.

New elements are being constructed, and the existing coastal facilities are being reconstructed. Since the port is listed as a heritage site, the works are being conducted under archaeological supervision. Forty-three pilot holes crucial for the breakwater structure have been drilled, and the 185- meter-long breakwater reinforced concrete structure is currently being built. Streetlights, electrical installations, water supply and hydrants are being installed on the breakwater.

Alongside the construction of the 185-meter-long and 6-meter-wide breakwater, 280 meters of the port is being reconstructed. Upon completion, the project will provide protection from wind and waves, as well as allow for adequate mooring for line ships and enable the further development of maritime line traffic. The utilities’ standards for line ship users will be raised and improved accessibility will be provided for people with disabilities. The project represents a continuation of the reconstruction of Cres’ waterfront, with which it will form a spatial, functional and design whole when completed.